Memorial Services

Memorial Services

As the popularity of cremation continues to rise, memorial services are becoming increasingly popular as well. A memorial service is similar in some regards to a funeral service, but there are also many differences.

The traditional funeral which is generally a specific series of events; it's a ritualized process where the deceased, and the attendees, pass from one social status to another; a process where the torn fabric of a family and community is repaired. According to the online article "Six Characteristics of Helpful Ceremonies", by William Hoy, Director of Grief Connect, this is done by including:

  1. Symbols of shared significance intended to communicate beyond words
  2. Ritual actions shared by a group of individuals
  3. Gathered people providing comfort to one another
  4. Connection to heritage through recognized readings
  5. Increased physical contact between attendees provide comfort
  6. Witnessing the transition of the body through burial or cremation

In knowing these characteristics, you can design a memorial service as unique as the life of your loved one.

If you are interested in learning more about memorial services in Staten Island, we encourage you to browse the helpful resources we have featured below. Should you have any questions about planning a memorial service or would like to meet with a member of our staff, please contact us today at 718-351-5858.

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