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Obituary for Marie Mascia

Marie Mascia was born in Williamsburg Brooklyn; May 25th, 1925. My grandma always told me she was born with a white veil and that anyone that was born with this were considered very special, holy, and lucky. The sailors would want the dried up veil to bring with them to war for luck. This might be just a silly tale, but it does explain the woman my grandma was.
Growing up, she didn't have the easiest life. She was considered Cinderella. Always cooking and cleaning; making sure the house was always at its best. When her mother got sick she could no longer take care of things so my grandma Marie had to quit high school to help the family. She never wandered too far, always kept to herself until the day she met the love of her life; who she considered her miracle.
She met my grandpa Frank at McCaren Park in Williamsburg. He was riding his bike and she asked him for a ride. Immediately she was smitten by him. He denied her and took her friend. The whole ride home Frank was asking when he could see Marie again. The two dated (keeping company as grandma would say) it was love at first site. Until Frank got recruited to join the war. My grandma heartbroken she didn’t want him to leave, so Frank got down on one knee and said "Will we you marry me"?

Marie got her first job sewing patches on the uniforms for the soldiers. Marie and Frank would write letters to each other everyday. She waited for him for two years. The day he got back, the two made up for lost time. They married and had four beautiful children, three boys and a girl. When those kids grew up she had 7 grandchildren.
My grandma Marie was an amazing cook; best lasagna you could ever eat! Homemade breads and cookies. The holidays were always a special time. My grandma was also known for her fashion sense. 94 years old still got her hair and nails done every week, would walk on Hylan Blvd with her wagon on the weekends when she was not at the club. She was a walking miracle. You could always count on her to pray for you. She was the families living angel, when she prayed miracles happened. She had a deep connection with "God" that no one understood but her faith is what kept her going on her darkest days.
When my grandpa Frank died, nothing was the same. 65 years of marriage was hard to just move on from. Her faith, family, and friends supported her through this next chapter of her life. Her daughter lived around the block and every weekend they would go shopping together, get breakfast, and continue her beauty routine. They became more than a daughter and mother but best friends. My grandma Marie continued to go to a club at Holy Rosary "Arrochar Friendship Club". She had so many friends. and most would call her the "president" of the club. This gave her purpose. 

Her smile was contagious, and her laugh sparked joy. She made an impression on everyone she met. We all thought she was going to outlive us, she was in the great shape, spunky and feisty as anyone of us. She was not your average 94 year old. I always asked my grandma what her secret was; how at her age was she still so full of life, still so youthful and she said " I walk everyday". Unfortunately, the world experienced a tragedy and my grandma could no longer go on her long walks or be with her family. There was no life to be led when she couldn’t be with the ones she loved most. On May 12th, her soul left the earth; and flew up to her love. I know my grandpa was waiting to welcome her with a hug.