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All we need to do is say the word "funeral" and within microseconds, you have an image in your mind of what a funeral looks like. This mental image comes from many sources: the geographical place, culture and society in which we live; our faith; our life experience. Obviously then, a funeral service in Borneo would look very different from one held in Tanzania; there are even significant differences between the funerals held in ethnically and/or geographically diverse regions of North America. 

Yet, despite the differences, these funeral services have much in common. We invite you to read further to learn the really simple answer to the question "what is a funeral?" Should you have questions about what you read here, we encourage you to call us at  718-351-5858. One of our funeral professionals would be delighted to explore all types of funeral ceremonies seen around the world, and can also field questions about how we could help your funeral planning in Staten Island. 

Here at Colonial Funeral Home, we're committed to providing families with the best and most affordable SI funeral services and products. We also offer a diverse range of personalized funeral service options. We are proud to offer an excellent selection of affordable burial services and cremation services in Staten Island .

If you would like to know more about how we bring personal attention to the funeral services we offer, please read more below or call us at 718-351-5858.

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